45 Illustrations presenting the Brutal Realities of Life

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Realities of Life: The modern reality of Life has been cleverly presented in this post in a humorous and rather brutal manner using the 45 illustrations below.

However, It has highlighted the effect of technology, bad habits and various human stereotype behaviors involving pessimists, optimists, and realists in each illustration.

What do others think?

Some of these illustrations are extracted from comics written by famous artists. For instance,  illustrator ‘Eduardo Salles’s comics are used in this post to highlight the effect of culture, technology, and media on human life.

Authors at cinismoilustrado.com have expressed their ideas using similar illustrations.

Similarly, some of the creations belonging to Illustrator John Holcroft have also been included. Also, These relate to his voice and opinion of human dependency on something which they’re unwilling to admit.

However, he has cleverly criticised this fact using tactics including humor, irony, and simplicity through his illustrations.  Furthermore, he has targeted the right audience with the right message too.

Check out these Illustrations of Realities of Life:-

They’re definitely worth looking at. It may as well be an efficient way to correct ourselves.

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1.)  Human point of view nowadays.

human point of view nowdays


2.)  Humans harvested by media.

humans harvested by media


3.)  Human life – There is no escape from death.

human life race from death


4.)  Humanity in the 21st century.

humanity in the 21st century


5.)  Humanity deficit disorder.

humanity deficit disorder


6.)  Sonic sex.

hi speed sex


7.)  Grilled for satisfaction.

grilled for satisfaction


8.)  Google for everything.

google for everything


9.)  Fitness for Insta.

fitness for insta


10.)  Feminist’s toy.

feminists toy


11.)  Different tastes of races.

different tastes of races


12.)  Prayers have evolved.

Prayers have evovled


13.)  Cycle of life.

cycle of life


14.)  Child slaved by guardians.

child slaved by guardians


15.) Chained at work.

chained at work


16.) Caring less for others.

caring less for others


17.)  Burn your effort.

burn your effort


18.)  Brainwashed by media.

brain washed by media


19.)  Value added for the sake of brand.

value added for the brand


20.)  Unreal emotions.

unreal emotions


21.)  Treating the homeless.

treating the homeless


22.)  Time is money.

time is money


23.)  The Bible has evolved.

the bible has evolved


24.)  Sweets ironically recommended for breakfast.

sweets only for breakfast


25.)  Stormed brain.

stormed brain


26.)  Spoiler death warning.

spoiler death warning


27.)  Social media ego.

social media ego


28.)  Socially influenced personality.

socially influenced personality


29.)  The sexist limitation to success.

sexist limitation to success


30.)  Service for coin.

service for coin


31.)  Sad truth of youth.

sad truth of youth


32.)  Ruled by position.

ruled by position


33.)  RIP Literature.

rip literature


34.)  The relationship is a trap.

relationship is a trap



35.)  Reality of Life.reality of life 1


36.)  Reading no longer completes a man.

reading no longer completes man


37.)  One time diet.

one time diet Realities of Life


38.)  Mood changing wardrobe.

mood changing wardrobe


39.)  Monsters in our life.

monsters in our life


40.)  Modern relationship goals.

modern relationship goals Realities of Life


41.)  Modern keyboard warrior.

modern keyboard warrior


42.)  Living for the cheque.

living for the cheque


43.)  Life limited to social rules.

life limited to social rules


44.)  Life behind tele bars.

life behind tele bars Realities of Life


45.)  Killing time.

killing time

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