Are You Bored At Work? Explore your Artistic Side!

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Have you ever felt bored at your workplace? well, don’t worry its absolutely normal and natural. you don’t have to behave like a Grinch when you are bored, rather try to explore your artistic side in any way possible. BeOnTrack brings you a list of artistic thing people have done worldwide when they felt Bored at work.

While you doodle abstract designs on paper or play with office stationery like a paper clip, you might feel unproductive. On the contrary, that’s not the case in reality at all. According to psychologist engaging, your brain in a creative way helps you boost your focus and attention back to your work. So, what’s stopping you fighting boring office days? Lack of inspiration or thought of being the lone bored employee at work? If you think you are alone then you should check out these amazing, funny and artistic people turning boredom into something creative and artistic.


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Here’s what people do when they feel bored at work:

#1 Some wires, a pinch of creativity and some ideas can bring out the hidden talent in you in office.

Wire Spiraling Bored At Work


#2 Vegetable store be like this when bored at work.

Vegetable store box Bored At Work


#3 Who thought washroom could be such a stress buster?

Toilet paper braids Bored At Work


#4 An office employee tuned mummy with stick on him.

Stick on man Bored At Work


#5 Have you ever seen people that bored at work doing such fruitless things?

Seedless Strawberry Bored At Work


#6 Boredom, peanuts and a little bit creativity might turn out funny.

Peanut gallery Bored At Work


#7 An office employee with too many paper cups be like this when bored at work.

Paper glass Scattered Bored At Work


#8 A juice shop employee be like this.

Paper Glass Bored At Work


#9 Who knew paper clips could be used in such an innovative way?

Paper clip art Bored At Work


#10 Origami has been taken to another level by this employee when bored at work.

Oragami Bored At Work



Money Man Bored At Work


#12 When someone wanted a proxy at the office.

Glass on office chair art Bored At Work


#13 Boredom brings out the doodle artist in people when bored at work.

Glass doodle Bored At Work


#14 When people Literally die for the clock to hit 5 pm.

Funny Skeleton Bored At Work


#15 When people are about to burst of boredom at the office.

Fruit bomb Bored At Work


#16 Who knew flies could be art?

fly art Bored At Work


#17 When people found nothing interesting but themselves when bored at work.

Doodle peeking cubicle Bored At Work


#18 When people wanted to shot themselves when bored at work.

Doodle gun art Bored At Work


#19 Some paper clips, strips of paper and a dead fly is all some people need to have some fun at the office.

Crime scene Bored At Work


#20 A coin spiral tower in various designs has been a result of many employees when bored at work.

Coin tower spiral Bored At Work


#21 Balancing coins on the table be a time pass for a bored employee at work.

Coin tower Bored At Work


#22 Who said boredom has to be boring?

Cardboard boat Bored At Work


#23 Boredom gave birth to this “stick on” artist.

Car stickons Bored At Work


#24  A bored store operator be like this.

Box Art Bored At Work


#25 Why be bored alone? Poking friends with a handmade bow- arrow can be fun.

Bow and Arrow Bored At Work


#26 A bored artistic mechanic be like this.

Bored mechanic be like Bored At Work


#27 A bored crane operator be like this on a dull day.

Bored crane operator be like Bored At Work


#28 When sarcasm and boredom are blended together.

Bored coworker artistic sarcasm Bored At Work


#29 When you have nothing but a pen and banaba to fight your boredom.

Baan art doodle Bored At Work


#30 A doodle artist bored at work finds an empty wall.

Artistic Doodle wall Bored At Work


#31 A bored Salon employee found artistic inspiration at work.

artistic dog on floor Bored At Work

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