22 Chairs to Choose the Right Chair for Your Beautiful Living Room Space

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Home is the place that gives you a feeling of belongingness. Its the place where you feel safe and comfortable. Moreover, its the place that reverberates your personality and tells your story in person. Well, if you want to tell your story in style then pick up every piece of furniture such as TV unit, coffee table and others that feel like you.

Start from the living room. That’s where your guests are going to be around. That is where your friends would gather to sit and chat. Talking about sitting and chatting, a chair can be the one thing that could break the ice. A nice, good looking and comfortable chair in your living is all you need to make your home a cozy and better place to start with. BeOnTrack brings you a list of different types of fantastic chair designs that look marvelous in the living room.

While placing your chairs do forget to pick the ones that fit in your living room along with leaving some space for extra seating.

Here is the list of designer & Stylish Chairs for Living Room:

#1 Zig-Zag Chair is a marvelous and spectacular inclusion as a chair in your living room. They are stunning and provide an awesome look to your room.

Zig-Zag Chair


#2 Wing Chairs feature a classic design, which was originally used for fireplaces. The various styles of wing chairs available in the market are flat, scroll, pointy, butterfly-like and so on. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths so you can pick the one that suits your preference and requirement.

Wing Chairs Chair in Living Room


#3 This one-legged chair is called Tulip Chair was way ahead of its time when it was introduced in the market. Therefore, they haven’t yet lost its charms until date. It takes less space in your living room while enhancing the décor at the same time.

Tulip Chair Chair in Living Room


#4 Slipper Chair is a typical armless upholstered chair with short legs. It was initially designed for the women in the 18th century who found it easier to wear their garments of that era. They are available in a variety of styles and features.

Slipper Chair Chair in Living Room


#5 Since its debut in the year 1956, the Eames Lounge Chair has in demand for its modern style and crafty design. It is comfortable and it is popular for its leather cushion with its sensual curves.

Eames Lounge Chair Chair in Living Room


#6 Rocking Chair has been America’s favorite chair category for years. these rocker chairs are typical wooden chairs on the rockers with recliners.

Rocking Chair Chair in Living Room


#7 Panton Chair is a one-piece chair made of plastic. Its colorful contours and the lustrous matte finish looks appealing. It has become a popular and durable option as a chair for the living room for over a decade. These chair in the living room light up the ambiance big time.

Panton Chair Chair in Living Room


#8 Louis Ghost Chair gained instant popular since its debut in the year 2002. The sleek design caught the attention of people and became a staple design in the succeeding years. it has derived inspirations from the neoclassic Louis XVI period. It is made of plastic and it is transparent that gives its ghost look.

Louis Ghost Chair Chair in Living Room


#9 Lawson Chair is designed to have straight lines across the chair. The arms are little lower than the back and come wither rounded or square finish. It comes with tight cushioning.

Lawson Chair Chair in Living Room


#10 In the 16th century, hooped skirts were a rage for women of that era, which inspired the then designers to come up with the Farthingale Chair. These chairs had wider seats and no armrest that complemented the hooped skirts and making the chairs a favorite among women. It is completed cushioned and upholstered along with short legs that fit like a chair in the living room.

Farthingale Chair Chair in Living Room


#11 Fighting Chair was originally designed for the people who love fishing. These chairs are ideal to help you catch and bring in big, fat fishes. However, modern designers have incorporated that into beautiful and charming chairs fit for your living rooms.

Fighting Chair Chair in Living Room


#12 Fiddleback Chair has derived its name from its typical fiddle upholstered back. The chair comes with a distinctive split in the middle section of the back. It has been a popular design in the early 1800s and has made comebacks through the centuries many times.


Fiddleback Chair Chair in Living Room


#13 English Rolled Arm offers you deep seat along with the rounded and low arm. It has a very soft cushioning to provide you with a comfortable sitting.

English Rolled Arm Chair in Living Room


#14 Egg Chair is one of the most popular and recognizable chairs designed in the 1950s. The curvy back and seating areas of the chair along with the classy fabric upholsters make its chic and elegant choice as a chair for living room.

Egg Chair Chair in Living Room


#15 Easy Chair is a compilation of various looks and styles, which offer you a slight recliner with comfortable armrest and seating area. The chairs come with heavy padding for optimized relaxation and enough space to cuddle in.

Easy Chair Chair in Living Room


#16 Director’s Chair is a gift from Hollywood. As its name suggests it’s the kind of chair that’s used by the directors. It was designed to be folded by the sides so that it’s easier to just carry across the sets. However, they look surprisingly good as chairs for living rooms as well.

Director’s Chair Chair in Living Room


#17 Cogswell Chair comes with a sloping back and cabriole front legs. The arms of the chair are open underneath. They look stylish, comfortable and sleek in living rooms.

Cogswell Chair Chair in Living Room


#18 Club Chair comes with their characteristic button and tufted upholstery. This kind of chair is a classic cross between a club chair, wing chair, and an armchair. Usually, Chesterfield chairs found in the markets are covered with leather, however, nowadays they with fabric upholstery.

Club Chair Chair in Living Room


#19 Chesterfield Chair is designed to have a low back and armrests. The height of the back and armrest is almost the same. Modern designers have introduced versatile variations of this style of chairs. This style of chair has derived its name from its typical usage in the 1850’s clubs of London.

Chesterfield Chair


#20 Chaise Longue is kind of a long recline chair where you can put your feet comfortably. Some of the chaise longue is available with armrest making it a perfect chair in the living room.

Chaise Longue Chair in Living Room


#21 Barrel Chair comes with a solid rounded back with fairly large seating area and chic look. This one-piece chair including the armrests is one of the most ideal chairs in the living room found across the world.  Therefore, the height of the back and arms are almost the same.

Barrel Chair Chair in Living Room


#22 The armchair is one of the most comfortable and popular chairs in the world. They are highly versatile and cozy as they feature a convenient armrest and seating area. They are available in formal and casual designs. You can easily use them as dining chairs and desk chair as well.

Armchair Chair in Living Room

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