39 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Your Beautiful Small Kitchen

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Cooking is not just a household chore; its an art. As a painter needs brush and colors, a sculptor requires chisels and rasps, likewise, a cook or chef needs some essential kitchen appliances. If cooking is the love of your life then these kitchen appliances for home recommended by BeOnTrack are definitely going to blow you off your feet. These kitchen appliances are designed to help you prepare delicious meals faster, better and easier.

These kitchen appliances and kitchen tools are easily available in online shops like Amazon, Ali express and eBay along with other local markets nearby your homes.

Even if you are not that big a fan of cooking, these essential kitchen appliances are bound to make your visits to the kitchen hassle free and interesting. These appliances for the kitchen are easy to use and easier to clean and maintain. They are used to prepare all kinds of meals from everyday essentials like coffee and toast to delicacies like Skillet Chicken Thighs with Luxurious Mustard Pan Sauce.

Without any ado, let us check out the amazing list of 39 Essential Kitchen Appliances:


#1 Microwave oven

Microwave oven Essential Kitchen Appliances

A microwave oven is one of the most efficient and essential kitchen appliances that has invented ever. Microwave oven comes with various modes of cooking including micro, convection, grill, and combinations as well. The operation of this appliance is simple and smooths that help you cook delicious meals effectively without much time. You can easily rely on this appliance for even complex and tricky delicacies. The markets are flooded with varied range and models of the microwave oven that studded with various features and specifications.

Recommended models:


#2 Blenders

blender Essential Kitchen Appliances

Blenders are available in various models and styles. A blender effectively helps you mixing and deriving smooth purée without any hassle. These blenders come with varying speed controllers, blending jar sizes, and power. All you need to do is find the perfect blender that suits your preference and requirement and enjoy various delicious food items. You can use blenders for making smoothies, milkshakes, nut butter, and so many things.

Recommended models:


#3 Hand blenders

Hand blenders Essential Kitchen Appliances

Hand blenders are the handy version of blenders. You can easily carry the hand blender across the kitchen counter hassle free. No more soup or smoothie spills while preparing them. The compact design of these hand blenders allows you to conveniently use them and store it in drawers. You can easily make a variety of items from shipped cream to mayonnaise, gravy to soup and so much more.

Recommended models:


#4 Juicers

Juicers are a simple device that allows you to extract juices out of fruits and veggies. For a healthy and quick breakfast, these juicers have been designed to get fresh juices in no time. The juicers are available in a variety of models and specifications such as centrifugal, cold press, and more. They are mostly easy to clean, easy to operate and conveniently squeeze out every drop of juice from the fruits and veggies without any spills. Get ready for a nutritional start of your day without spending hours in your kitchen with a fine juicer at your kitchen counter.

Recommended models:


#5 Mixers

Mixers Essential Kitchen Appliances

Two types of Mixers are widely available in market- hand mixer and stand mixers. Both have their pros and cons but the bottom line they are both efficient and effective. Your choice of a mixer depends on your requirements and preferences. A mixer helps you conveniently handle your food prep sessions. Imagine going to heavyweight equipment for mixer one or two egg whites. Now, imagine a handy mixer in your hand or kitchen counter and whipping two egg whites. Well, now you know how important it is to have an efficient mixer as it is among the most essential kitchen appliances.

Recommended models:


#6 Coffee Maker

Coffee is the best way to start your day and what’s better than having the exact type of coffee every time you come out of your kitchen? Well, A simple Coffee Maker can make a huge difference in your life as it will save you time, energy and effort for making coffee perfect more than once throughout the day. The various types of coffee makers available in the market are Drip Coffee Maker, Single-Serve Coffee Maker, French Press, and Espresso Makers. Before you hit the stores make sure you consider the space on your kitchen counter, what type of coffee you like, and the features the coffee maker.

Recommended models:


#7 Toasters

toasters Essential Kitchen Appliances

Toasters can make your breakfast ready real fast. They are equipped to make toast exactly the way you like without much hassle. Just slip two or four slices of bread and in no time, toasts will pop out of that machine. Modern toasters come with timers and auto pop up so that you never burn you toasts anymore.

Recommended models:


#8 Fridge

Fridge Essential Kitchen Appliances

A fridge is one of the most wonderful and essential kitchen appliances. It’s super efficient and it allows you to keep your meals and other food items as fresh as ever. A fridge in the kitchen has become an indispensable appliance in any modern home nowadays. Fridges come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. Some of the styles they are available in the market are Top-Freezer, Bottom-Freezer, French-Door, Side-by-Side, Built-In, and Compact or Mini. These fridges are equipped with various useful features such as temperature control, energy saver, quick freeze, automatic defrost and so much more.

Recommended models:


#9 Sandwich maker

sandwich makers Essential Kitchen Appliances

Sandwich maker has made breakfast making easier for mothers and office goers across the world exponentially. Not just breakfast you can enjoy making a great variety of snacks as well. These sandwich makers effectively help you make toasts and a wide variety of sandwiches quickly and safely. They are easy to use, easy to clean and ensure your safety while you rush through your morning meal preparations. Sandwich makers are lightweight and portable which it easier for you to carry and store the appliance.

Recommended models:


#10 Quesadilla Maker

Quesadilla Maker Essential Kitchen Appliances

Quesadilla Maker helps you prepare excellent quesadilla within 5 minutes. These are easy to use, easy to clean and quite handy. Al you need is the ingredients and the quesadilla maker will handle the tricky part.

Recommended models:


#11 Waffle maker

Waffle maker Essential Kitchen Appliances

Waffles are way much more than just a simple added item of your breakfast menu. You can make waffle as an afterschool snack, dessert or dinner. Regardless of your preference for a waffle, a Waffle maker helps you get perfect and crispy waffles. They allow you to make different types of waffles ranging from American waffles, Brussels waffles, Belgian waffles, Liege waffles, Churro to Cone waffles.

Recommended models:


#12 Panini press

Panini press Essential Kitchen Appliances

A Panini press is a bigger and more efficient version of the sandwich maker. A Panini press is a great kitchen appliance for bread lovers. It gives you immense opportunity to experiment with bread in the form of toasts and sandwiches. The best part is that your sandwich can have as many layers as you wish. The Panini press helps you toast the bread with a perfect crisp and cooks the stuffing appropriately. Go on and try out amazing recipes with veggies, fruits, chicken, meat, eggs and seafood with this Panini press.

Recommended models:


#13 Induction

Induction cook top Essential Kitchen Appliances

People who want quick and flameless cooking should have an Induction cooktop in their house. It’s one of the most impressive and safe cooking modes that ensure an ideal cooking environment and peace of mind. It saves energy and time as you can continently control the temperature whenever required. Some of the best features of an induction cooktop are auto- heat up, boosters, pan detection, digital control reading, sleek design, safety sensor, and auto- switch off.

Recommended models:


#14 Rice cooker

rice cooker Essential Kitchen Appliances

If rice is a staple diet for your family then a Rice cooker can make things really easy for you. Not just plain rice, a rice cooker can help you make a variety of rice dishes with all its intricate yet easy to use settings. From standard rice cookers to multi-function rice cookers are available in the market; you need to pick the one that suits your preference and requirements.

Recommended models:


#15 Chimney

Chimney Essential Kitchen Appliances

A chimney is not a typical cooking appliance but it definitely makes your life in your kitchen much easier. It absorbs smoke, odor and oil coming out your cooking with its powerful suction, proving itself as one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Some of the amazing features in the modern chimneys are auto clean, detachable oil collector, auto heat sensor, LED lights and easy to use buttons. Before purchasing a chimney make sure you consider the size and space available in your kitchen.

Recommended models:


#16 Water purifier

Water purifiers Essential Kitchen Appliances

Water is life and clean water is essential for healthy living. With the help of Water purifiers, you get clean and purified water that keeps diseases and illness at bay for you and your family. Without any contest, its one of the most essential kitchen appliances. Markets are flooded with a variety of types of water filters such as non-electrical with or without storage and electrical storage with or without storage. Some of the technologies used to purify the water used in these purifiers are UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultra Filtration), and RO (Reverse Osmosis).

Recommended models:


#17 Egg cooker

Egg cooker Essential Kitchen Appliances

Eggs are the powerhouse of protein and an egg a day helps you meet your daily vital minerals target. If you are among the people who prefer to skip your breakfast because it takes too much time for making a healthy first meal. Well, a simple Egg cooker can help you have your breakfast done quick and without any hassle. They are portable, consume less energy, and easy to use.

Recommended models:


#18 Roaster Oven

Roaster oven Essential Kitchen Appliances

A Roaster oven is an all-rounder that takes care of your breakfast and snacks to a great extent. Form toasts, frozen pizza, cookies to even chicken, a roaster oven can deal with all of these with ease. It helps you cooker faster, easier, and more efficiently. The list essential kitchen appliance is just incomplete without this amazingly efficient kitchen appliance.

Recommended models:


#19 Water heater/ Kettle

Water heater Kettle Essential Kitchen Appliances

For all the tea lovers out there, you won’t find a better way to have tea all day with a Water heater/ Kettle. It’s easy to use, work fast saves energy and it’s precise. It heats up water while maintaining the temperature you like. Not just the tea or coffee lovers in that matter, you can use hot water in several other ways if you like. Some of the best features that will compel you to buy a Water heater/ Kettle are auto shut off, cordless or detachable cord, base cord storage, and the keep warm feature.

Recommended models:


#20 Programmable cooker

Programmable cooker Essential Kitchen Appliances

Programmable cooker or slow cooker helps you to simmer food at low temperature for an extended time frame. These cookers come with a digital timer and electronic controls that help you set time and temperature. Some models are equipped with an auto switch to keep warm setting that allows you food to keep warm for a long time. Some other lucrative features are safety lids, ease of cleaning and capacity of the inserts.

Recommended models:


#21 Vegetable Chopper

Vegetable Chopper Essential Kitchen Appliances

Normally, chopping is one-step in meal preparations that take a lot of time. If you are among those who despise the fact that you have to spend hours in kitchen chopping veggies then it’s high time you get a Vegetable Chopper. There is a variety of veggie choppers and among them, electric choppers are gaining popularity in recent times. They allow you faster and better results with various chopping techniques and results.

Recommended models:


#22 Electric Air fryer

An Electric Air fryer Essential Kitchen Appliances

An Electric Air fryer is an impressive and one of the essential kitchen appliances that allow you cooking, baking, fries and grills without oil. It works in a simple mechanism where food is prepared through circulating hot air around it. Thus, it has become a popular appliance within a very short period of time since its launch. It is fast, safe and cooks healthy food without a hint of oil.

Recommended models:


#23 Hot Dog Toaster

Hot Dog Toaster Essential Kitchen Appliances

Hot Dog Toaster is among the essential kitchen appliances for people who have to rush through the morning hours though like to have a quick and tasty bit as well. The hot dog toaster is equipped to toast 2 hot dogs and 2 buns at a time. It comes with a control panel to adjust the temperature and time to get the perfectly done hot digs.

Recommended models:


#24 Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrators Essential Kitchen Appliances

Food Dehydrators are used to remove the water from your food without compromising its nutritional value. They are perfect for making delicious kale chips, banana chips, apple chips sundried tomato and much more. Food dehydrators are available in a variety of styles and types such as Vertical Flow Food Dehydrators, Horizontal Flow Food Dehydrators, and others. Some amazing feature of this appliance is auto shutoff, timer, thermostat, and much more.

Recommended models:


#25 One-touch Can opener

One touch Can opener Essential Kitchen Appliances

Opening a can might become very tricky at times. One touch Can opener is equipped to help you open cans with ease and safety. With an electric can opener, all you have to do is pull a lever and the rest will be handled by the smooth mechanism of the device. They are crafted to operate on various sizes of cans. They allow you easy operation with a single hand and without comprising your safety.

Recommended models:


#26 Water dispenser

Water dispenser Essential Kitchen Appliances

An efficient and simple Water dispenser is the need of every kitchen. You won’t like too complicated or ineffective water dispensing equipment that won’t let you take water easily. Moreover, make sure your water dispenser does not take up much space in your kitchen. There are various types of water dispenser such as Top Load Bottled, Bottom Load Bottled, Countertop and other. Some of the added features of a water dispenser are a cold and hot function, drip tray, purification system, cup holders, conversion kits and others.

Recommended models:


#27 Electric Griddle

Electric Griddle Essential Kitchen Appliances

If you love bacon, eggs, and pancakes very much then an Electric Griddle has all the chances to become an indispensable part of your kitchen. It’s the best and one of the most essential kitchen appliances kitchen appliance that helps you prepare and serves breakfast with ease. However, they can be used to prepare pastries, sandwiches, desserts, and vegetables. Electric Griddles are available in various types such as The Glass Lid Reversible Griddle / Grill, Basic Detachable Aluminum Griddle, Basic Ceramic Grill and Warming Tray, Tilt ‘n Drain Mid Tier Aluminum Grill, Dual Plate Reversible Griddle Grill, Premium Hybrid Griddle and many more.

Recommended models:


#28 Food Steamer

Food Steamers Essential Kitchen Appliances

Food Steamers are designed to cook food by hot vapour surrounding the food in a confined space. This technique helps to retain the goodness of nutrition in the food and enhances the taste as we. Food streamer helps steam cook food very easily and effectively. Mostly steamers are three-tiered contained that have holes to pass through the steam at the bottom. They are easy to use and clean, which are necessary features for all the essential kitchen appliances.

Recommended models:


#29 Smokeless grill

Smokeless grill Essential Kitchen Appliances

If you like to grill a lot then you need a Smokeless grill that would work indoors without any hassle. These smokeless grills come in a variety of sizes and styles such as a stovetop, open countertop, and closed countertop. Some of the features that make a smokeless grill your best buddy in the kitchen are drip pan or tray, coated surface, ease of cleaning and safety. They used electricity instead of flames to ensure your safety in your enclosed kitchen area.

Recommended models:


#30 Electric knife sharpener

Electric knife sharpener Essential Kitchen Appliances

The electric knife sharpener is designed for performance and safety. Your kitchen definitely has one or more knife sets to help you chopping and cutting. Well, time-to-time the knives lose their sharpness and they require your attention. Electric knife sharpeners help you sharpen the knives without compromising your safety, which makes it one of the most essential kitchen appliances. They are easy to use with their adjustable and accurate angle guide and multiple sharpening stages. They sleek allow you to store them conveniently in drawers or cupboards.

Recommended models:


#31 Popcorn pooper machine

Popcorn popper machine Essential Kitchen Appliances

Popcorn popper machine is all you need to make your gatherings or parties at home a super hit. They are available in various sizes that allow you to make various sizes of batches of popcorns based on your requirement. Some of the types of popcorn popper machine for the home are Tabletop Vintage-Style Popcorn Machines, Hot Air Popcorn Poppers, Round Counter Top Stirring Poppers, and others.

Recommended models:


#32 Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven Essential Kitchen Appliances

A Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven is an amazing device that adds to all your other essential kitchen appliances. It is one of the most amazing appliances in the kitchen, which allows you to make pizzas hassle free. Not just pizzas, it helps you bake some other interesting things such as chicken nuggets, fish fillets, cookies, egg rolls and much more. It conveniently bakes both sides of food perfectly and with its top and bottom heating elements.

Recommended models:


#33 Mini Cake Pop Maker

Mini Cake Pop Maker is a baking plate with a non-stick coating that allows you to bake mini cakes easily. A lightweight and portable device can be stored anywhere in the kitchen. It has a latching handle that keeps pops secure and baked properly. It comes with non-skid rubber feet and convenient cord wrap.

Recommended models:


#34 Electric Foldaway Skillet

Electric Foldaway Skillet Essential Kitchen Appliances

Electric Foldaway Skillet is one of the most interesting and essential kitchen appliances that help you cook faster and easier. It is as good as a frying pan and yet it has some great advantages to it. Electric Foldaway Skillet can hold a steady temperature for as long as you want to cook. It can easily handle meals from pancakes to all other griddle food. Moreover, it does not heat up the kitchen the way the stove does.

Recommended models:


#35 Vacuum Sealer Machine

Vacuum Sealer Machine Essential Kitchen Appliances

A Vacuum Sealer Machine is an amazing and useful device that helps you store the food all sealed up. It prevents the food from losing its nutritious value, odour or flavours. You can seal up foods like meat, fish, veggies, and others to use it later when you actually want to have them. Vacuum sealer machine is easy to use with all the controls and attachments. It’s portable and easily storable, which easily makes it one of the most essential kitchen appliances.

Recommended models:


#36 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker

Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker Essential Kitchen Appliances

Making homemade ice cream is easy, fun and top of that all you need is an efficient Frozen Yogurt-Ice, Cream Maker. Just mix and add the ingredients and put it in the ice cream maker, it will handle the rest. The best part you get to make the kind of ice cream you like along with experimenting with the flavors. They are easy to use and clean without pinching your pocket.

Recommended models:


#37 Mug Warmer, Desktop Heated Coffee & Tea – Candle & Wax Warmer

Mug Warmer Essential Kitchen Appliances

Mug Warmer is an excellent appliance that allows you to heat a cup of water to make coffee, eat of any other hot drink. You can reheat your drink if that went cold. it also allows you to put your wax for liquidation to get started with your waxing session at home. You can even warm candle to make new and customized candles for your home. They are efficient and affordable without taking up much space in your house. You can keep at your desktop without compromising your safety.

Recommended models:


#38 Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Salad Shooter Electric Slicer Shredder Essential Kitchen Appliances

Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder is an easy to use device that helps you quickly slice veggies to prepare your salad. Not just salad you use it to make your main course meal as well. It comes with various slicer and shredder plates with different size for slicing. Grate some cheese or slice some carrots it does all with finesse and perfection. It is definitely one of the most essential kitchen appliances to own.

Recommended models:


#39 Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer

Thermoelectric Mini Fridge Cooler and Warmer are always fun have some drinks cool or warm, as you like. You cannot always change the temperature settings to accommodate your last minute guests for drinks. A mini freezer/ warmer helps you quickly freeze or keep warm your drinks and sometimes food. They are perfectly portable so you can enjoy your pool party or even a beach party with drinks of your choice the way you like it.

Recommended models:

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