43 Creative Ideas for Halloween Costume for Kids

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Halloween summons all the eerie, spooky and creepy things in the world. Be it the Halloween party or hopping around houses for a trick-&-trick game, your Halloween costume calls for some special attention. Don’t just spend hours on choosing the Halloween Decorations or the Halloween Movie Marathon, spend some time picking up the perfect Halloween costume for kids as well. After all, kids eagerly wait for the festival to dress up in their best costume.

Bring home some awesome Halloween costume for kids this year to make your kid’s Halloween special and memorable.

Here are 42+ creative ideas for Halloween Costume for Kids:

1. Did you know skeletons could be that adorable? Imagine your toddler in this cute skeleton costume in your next Halloween. (Buy now)

skeleton halloween costume for kids


2. Panda is always a hit. Kids look a ravishingly radiant in a Panda dress; particularly when they connect with Kungfu Panda. (Buy now)

kungfu panda costume for halloween


3. Spooky eye dress looks ravishing on kids on a Halloween eve.

cute spooky eye costume for halloween


4. Cute yet scary little bride costume seems pretty amazing and apt for the Halloween.

little bride halloween costume


5. Let your kid’s fantasy of being a doctor come true with this Doctor costume for Halloween.

doctor costume for halloween


6. You can try out some experimental with the costumes by picking dress by profession like a forest ranger.

cute forest ranger costume for halloween


7. Harry Potter has always been adding grace to anything magical and mysterious since its inception. Add a pinch of magic with this amazing harry potter Halloween Costume for kids.

harry potter school dress halloween costumes for kids


8. Not harry potter’s school dress; Dementors can be a great choice for a Halloween party.

scary dementors costume for halloween


9. Don’t forget the darkest wizard in the wizarding history Lord Voldemort.

voldemort kids costume for halloween


10. Talking about Harry Potter, you just can’t miss out Hedwig.

hedwig owl harry potter costume for halloween


11. Bring out the chivalrous side of your little gladiator for this Halloween with a charming costume.

gladiator costume for halloween


12. Kids look hilarious charming in adorable Sumo Wrestler dress. (Buy now)

Inflatable sumo costume for halloween for Kids


13. Kids go gaga about beauty and the beast. Dress your little boy in the beast costume to brighten up the magical festivities.

child beast costume for halloween


14. Beast is alone without his beauty. Here’s elegant Yellow princess cut dress for the classic Beauty and the Beast.

princess costume for halloween


15. Remember Annabelle from the movie Conjuring? Well, that’s really scary.

cute doll with key costume for halloween


16. You can set the mood for Halloween with this creepy convict costume.

child creepy convict costume for halloween


17. Clowns are the traditional party appealer of all time. You can experiment with a variety of props that goes with the clown dress like colourful hairs, red nose, a stick, etc.

big top toddler clown costume for halloween


18. Jesters are one of the traditional Halloween costumes of kids that always spice up the Halloween mood.

child green scary jester costume for halloween


19. Aliens are not technically spooky but they add do grace to a Halloween costume for kids.

cute alien costume for halloween


20. A toddler in a red devil dress is a delight to watch.

toddler little devil costume for halloween


21. A mermaid is a mystical half lady and half fish that matches with almost criteria of Halloween- fantasy, magic, and mystery. (Image by halloweencostumes.com)

toddler mermaid costume for halloween


22. Spiders make Halloween interesting and a spider dress brings out the Halloween spirit to the fullest.

toddler polka dot spider costume for halloween


23. A colourful parrot with wide wings all you need to make your kid happy and chirpy on a Halloween.

cute parrot costume for halloween


24. Kids from all generations just drool over Donald Duck.

donald duck costume for halloween


25. A Mummy makes an ideal entry in any list for Halloween costume for kids.

the mummy boys costume for halloween


26. Egyptians believed in magical powers that can bring them back from death. If Mummy can then living Egyptians Princess can also be counted as a Halloween costume theme.

egyptian princess costume for halloween


27. Frankenstein is a perfect choice of anything related to Halloween.

frankenstein toddler costume for halloween


28. Halloween is all about eerie and ghostly. Why leave out the ghost dress option for your kids?

ghost costume for halloween


29. If an Egyptian princess can make to this list then why leave such a pretty Japanese Princess outfit on a Halloween?

Japanese girl costume for halloween


30. Do you still Remember Daniel and Mr Miyagi from Popular 80’s teen Flick ‘The Karate Kid’? Well, this costume is dedicated to the famous Halloween scene from the movie that not only changed the course of the movie plot but also helped us realize the importance of selection of a good Halloween costume for kids.

karate kid daniel san costume for halloween


31. Every child fantasizes about being a king and ruling the world. Let your kid see his fantasies come into life for once at least.

kids king robe costume for halloween


32. Let your kid fulfil his dream of becoming a knight prince, ride a horse to go and save his queen from villains of all sort. Not sure, about the rest, at least they can feel like a knight prince for a day.

knight prince costume for halloween


33. A psycho clown is another version that perfectly matches with the theme of Halloween. (Image by halloweencostumes.com)

kids psycho clown costume for halloween


34. A simple yet compelling restless spirit costume is scary enough to brighten up the Halloween spirits.

kids-restless spirit scary ghost costume for halloween


35. Infants look stunningly beautiful in an animal costume. See this fancy lion dress for instance.

kids lion costume for halloween


36. A pack of cards beholds a hint of mystery and a pinch of excitement for kids. Dress in one of the cards; be it an ace of spade or queen of heart.

playing cards costume for halloween


37. Not just animals, insects also make interesting costume option for kids on Halloween.

pretty lady bug costume for halloween


38. Pumpkin is a traditional and indispensable element for Halloween. Make your kid wear a pumpkin dress once in their lifetime.

pumpkin costume for halloween


39. A military dress with a scary scarf as a mask makes an interesting option as a Halloween costume for kids.

scary camo trooper costume for halloween


40. A simple black and white dress paired with a ghost mask is an intriguing Halloween costume for kids.

scary faced ghost halloween costume


41. Spooky ghost with a lantern as a prop looks awesome.

spooky ghost costume for halloween


42. Robin is one of the favourite fictional superheroes of all time and superheroes never grow old.

toddler boys robin costume for halloween


43. Thanks to all the Marvel movies in the past and present decades, Captain America has emerged as another favourite superhero for kids.

toddler deluxe captain america costume for halloween


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