20 Impressive Halloween Decoration Ideas 2018

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The season of pumpkins and spiders is around the corner. Skeletons, skulls, ghosts, and witches are eager to make your home their meeting ground. Are you ready to embrace all the spooky and eerie things this Halloween? If yes, then what are you waiting for, bring home some awe-inspiring Halloween Decoration Ideas and items to spice up your Halloween Party for generations to remember. After all, Halloween is among the few festivals that are enjoyed by kids and adults with equal fervor.

You can pick the most creepy and ghastly things abundantly available in the market if you are planning an all-adult party. However, make sure kids stay away from such gore or it leaves them spooked up for life. You can try out some cute and sweet items for a kids party.

Here, we bring you amazing and creative  Halloween Decoration Ideas that will make your party talk of the town until your next Halloween party. Let’s check out the top 20 creative Halloween party ideas :

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

1.A spooky ghost- together at the garden.

Ghost get together in the garden Halloween decoration


2. Creepy hands come handy for Halloween party.

Spooky hands in garden Halloween decoration


3. Spooky skull wreath brings you an eerie welcome.

Scary skull wreath on front door Halloween decoration


4. Cute dancing skeleton on the door gives you Full-on Halloween party vibes.

Dancing skeleton on the door for Halloween decorations


5. A headless horseman greeting you at the party always sets the mood.

Headless horseman greeting at the front door for Halloween party


6. “How’s the weather at hell?” Your guest can ask this to an upside-down man half buried in your garden.

Funny upside down half human body underground for Halloween


7. How about a skeleton man chased by a skeleton dog in your garden.

Cute skeleton human and dog Halloween decoration


8. Let the skeleton say “hello” to your guests through your window.

Skeleton says hello silhouette window decoration for Halloween


9. Create a perfect Halloween ambience with a tombstone graveyard in your garden.

Tombstone in garden for Halloween decorations


10. Lanterns always help you to bright up your porch and garden at the night of your Halloween party. You can hang them or place them on the floor, either way, these ghosts-faced lanterns look stunning.

Ghost faced coloured lanterns for Halloween decoration


Let’s get inside your house and explore the Halloween Decoration Ideas for the interior spaces.


11. Eerie spider lurking at the corner of your ceiling looks impressive in your living area.

Scary spider at the corner ceiling Halloween decoration


12. A skull candle holder can be an instant attention grabber.

Skull candle holder with pumpkin for Halloween


13. Place a spooky centrepiece encapsulating skulls, skeleton hands, spiders and a mix of other supernatural and weird element on your centre table to spice up the Halloween ambience. (Image by diys.com).

Spooky Halloween Centrepiece decoration


14. Decorate your fireplace with pumpkins, black cats, candles, and some dry leaves to create a perfectly spooky atmosphere for your Halloween party.

Easy mantel and fireplace Halloween decoration ideas


15. Put some spiders on the dining table and on the plate to enhance the Halloween mode of your guests.

Spider on the plate decoration for Halloween


16. Add some hanging skulls, spiders, bats, crows and other similar elements in your corridors and living area to bring out the best of Halloween in your party.

Crazy skull spider bat hanging decoration for Halloween


17. Add some cat, witch and bats embedded lanterns on your staircase.

Stair case lanterns with cats embedded Halloween decoration


18. a Halloween party is never complete without a Halloween drink. Prepare a blood red drink and add some small spiders on the brink of the glass. Place them on the table see the magic.

Creepy blood drink with spiders Halloween decoration


19. Halloween and pumpkins are inseparable. So, carve as many pumpkins as you can to create a traditional spooky atmosphere at the party.

Pumpkin carving for Halloween decoration


20. You can be equally creative with your pumpkins. Carve them out in the shape of your favorite character from a  movie or book like Harry Potter. (Image by halloweenpumpkinpatterns.com)

Harry Potter Pumpkin Carvings for Halloween

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