70 Yummy, Easy and Creative Halloween Food Ideas

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Fall has already arrived. Whilst the yellow leaves start falling, let’s get prepared for a grand Halloween this year. Be On Track has come up with yummy Halloween Food ideas to make Halloween 2018 a memorable event for you. Check out our fantastic Halloween Decoration Ideas, Halloween Dress for Kids and Halloween Movie Marathon Ideas to spice up your Halloween Party.

Food and drinks are an indispensable part of a Halloween. Kids and adults enjoy the flavors of pumpkin and chocolate with equal fervor. Nonetheless, Halloween recipes deserve some awesome Halloween theme presentation as well. Here, we bring you incredible Halloween food ideas to help you serve food with style and completely Halloween way. Don’t forget to click on the links to check out the recipes.

Check out our 70 yummy Halloween food ideas:

1. Add this beautiful Spider cupcake on your Halloween Food list. It takes a few minutes to decorate a cupcake in this spider.

spider cupcakes halloween food ideas


2.  These creepy Mummy hot dogs are perfect Halloween special food item.

mummy hot dogs halloween food ideas


3. Halloween is without a bat is unimaginable. Bring these Bat-shaped biscuits to your Halloween table.

halloween biscuits bat halloween food ideas


4. Spooky Ghost Blistered Cheeseburger Pizza is a cute and creative Halloween food idea.

Halloween Dinners Blistered Cheeseburger Pizza halloween food ideas


5. These Funny Bone Marshmallow will help you enhance your Halloween mood.

frankenweenie funny bones recipe marshmellow halloween food ideas


6. This Creepy Lychee Eyeball is one of our creepiest food items on the list.

creepy eyeballs Halloween food ideas


7. Creepy, cute and chaotic: these Gelatin Earth Worms are great Halloween food idea to take up this Halloween.

gelatine earth worms halloween food ideas


8. Spider Web Cup Cake is easy to make and fun to eat.

spider web cup cake halloween food ideas


9. This yummy Banana Ice Cream will melt the heart of the little monsters on this Halloween.

Banana Ice Cream Halloween food ideas


10. Bring in some Spider Deviled Eggs and boost the spooky quotient of your Halloween treat.



11. This little Gluten-Free Vegan Ghost Cake is so adorable that you can’t ignore it.



12. Spooky Spaghetti Stuffed Peppers are a fun and creative way to add some Halloween element to your party.

Spooky Spaghetti Stuffed Peppers halloween food ideas


13. Not just your outdoor decoration, your dinner table looks magnificent with a tombstone graveyard. enjoy some Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip this Halloween.

Hot Spinach and Artichoke Dip halloween food ideas


14. This gore and creepy looking Brain Gelatin can be the showstopper for your Halloween luncheon.

Brain Gelatin Halloween food ideas


15. Place Mummy Meatloaf at the center of the table and let your guest admire it.

mummy meatloaf halloween food ideas


16. Have you ever imagined a pasta ogling you? well, you can try this Halloween with the Eyeball Pasta.

EYEBALL PASTA halloween food ideas


17. Add these adorable Owl Cupcakes on your Halloween table for a delicate treat.

Owl Cupcakes halloween food ideas


18. Little creepy and spooky Severed Finger Sugar Cookies are fantastic to jazz up your Halloween for adults.

Spooky Halloween Severed Finger Sugar Cookies halloween food ideas


19. Another creepy and Spooky option for your Halloween treat are these Cheesy Skulls.

Spooky Halloween Cheesy Skulls halloween food ideas


20. Enjoy your Halloween dinner with these Vampires Invaders.

Vampires Invaders halloween food- deas


21. A complete Halloween Tablescape Ghost Skeleton is nothing short of a Show-stopper.

HALLOWEEN TABLESCAPE ghost skeleton halloween food ideas


22. An interesting and charming way to serve cookies on a Halloween – Chocolate Sugar Cookie Spiders.

Chocolate Sugar Cookie Spiders halloween food ideas


23. Drinks can be equally creepy and creative like this Scary Halloween Punch.



24. Creepy Halloween Punch with Floating Eye Balls is a blend of eerie presentation and tantalizing flavors.

Creepy Halloween Punch with Floating Eye Balls Halloween food ideas


25. Spooky Apple Cider Punch is easy to prepare and looks impressive.

Spooky Apple Cider Punch halloween food ideas


26. This ghoulish Prosciutto Ham Head & Pillsbury Spooky Finger Breadsticks is a perfect choice for a Halloween gathering.

Prosciutto Ham Head & Pillsbury Spooky Finger Breadsticks halloween food ideas


27. Simple, delicious and attractive Halloween Punch Recipe With a Floating Brain looks spooktacular.

Halloween Punch Recipe With a Floating Brain halloween food ideas


28. Summon your appetite this Halloween with this Eyeball Cheese Appetizers.

Halloween Eyeball Cheese Appetizers halloween food ideas


29. A combination of Batty Candy Bar Brownies & Punch is complementary to each other.

Batty Candy Bar Brownies & punch Halloween food ideas


30. Frankenstein Spinach and Artichoke Dip is an appealing way to present dips on Halloween.

Frankenstein Spinach and Artichoke Dip halloween food ideas


31. Jalapeno Pumpkin Dip is Another attractive presentation style for Dips.

Jalapeno Pumpkin Dip halloween food ideas


32. Prepare Chicken wings like Black Bat Wings to spook up your Halloween.

Black Bat Wings Halloween food ideas


33. Quick and easy Mummy Sandwich Kebabs.


34. Bat “Brigadeiros” looks stunning and mouth-watering at the same time.

Bat "Brigadeiros" Halloween food ideas


35. Pumpkin Cheesecake Truffle Mummies are among one of the striking Halloween food ideas.



36. A Selection Of Healthy Halloween Foods Including Jelly Bananas And Grapes.

Halloween Foods Including Jelly Bananas And Grapes


37. Witch Hat Ice Cream and Cone is a handy and easy Ice Cream presentation style for Halloween.

witch hat ice cream and cone halloween food ideas


38. Ice Cream with Edible Skull Bowls for Halloween looks enthralling.

Edible Skull Bowls for halloween food ideas


39. Cute and fluffy Ghost faced cupcake look delicious on your Halloween platter.

ghost cupcake halloween food ideas


40. A Watermelon Salad decoration is an innovative Halloween food idea to present salad.

watermelon salad halloween food ideas


41. Cookies with Monster Teeth Marshmallow is a great recipe for Halloween.

cookies with monster teeth marshmellow halloween food ideas


42. White Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcake is easy to prepare and easier to serve.


43. Offer your guests these enticing Tombstone Desserts for Halloween.

Tombstone Dessert for Halloween halloween food ideas


44. Make some delicious and Cute Halloween Cupcake for kids on this Halloween.

cute halloween cupcake halloween food ideas


45. Frosty Halloween Pudding is a colorful and refreshing recipe for a Halloween.

Frosty halloween pudding halloween food ideas


46. Witch Jello Shot Dessert is a striking and stimulating drink for Halloween.

Witchs Jello Shot Desserts halloween food idea


47. Devil brownie brings an entertaining appearance to your Halloween Platter.

devil brownie halloween food ideas


48. Snack Pack Ghosts treats is an easy way to prepare a last-minute Halloween food idea.

Snack Pack Ghosts treats halloween food ideas


49. Black Cat Chocolate Pop Dessert is a fun recipe as a Halloween food idea.

Black cat chocolate pop dessert-halloween-food-ideas


50. Ghost Faced Marshmallow Brownie Dessert brings a cute yet spooky appearance to your Halloween table.

ghost faced marshmellow brownie dessert halloween food ideas


51. The severed gingerbread man is a simple yet a little gory recipe for Halloween.

severed gingerbread man halloween food ideas


52. You can easily prepare a bat, cat, witch, spider and pumpkin Silhouette Brownies for Halloween.

silhouette brownies halloween food ideas


53. Bring some Cute Minion cookie to your Halloween Table.

minion cookie halloween food ideas


54. Hand-Burgers and Finger Fries is an enticing Halloween food recipe.

hand burgers and finger fries-halloween-food-ideas


55. Boo-Ghost cookie looks pleasing and it brings an instant smile to your kid’s face.

boo ghost cookie halloween food ideas


56. Prepare this easy to prepare and serve Monster Toast this Halloween.

Monster Toast halloween food ideas


57. Serve your Popcorn with spiders and enhance the spooky quotient without any hassle.

popcorn with spiders halloween food ideas


58. White Chocolate Dipped Strawberry is easy to prepare-recipe that adds grace to Halloween platter.

white chocolate dipped strawberry halloween food ideas


59. Add some Bell Pepper Spider-shaped Ranch Dip to your dining table to evoke the Halloween mood.

bell pepper spider ranch dip halloween food ideas


60. Funny skeleton cookie looks delightful and tastes yummy.

funny skeleton cookie halloween food ideas


61. Bring home some oreo balls to prepare a simple yet compelling Oreo Eyeballs Dessert.

OREO EYEBALLS dessert halloween food ideas


62. These adorable mummy cookies look cute on your Halloween Dining table.

cute mummy cookies halloween food-ideas


63. This Spooky Cheese Crackers Appetizer is one of the easiest recipes on the Halloween Food ideas list.

spooky cheese crackers appetizer halloween food ideas


64. Place this Skeleton Bone Cake on your coffee table and you don’t have to think twice about the success of your Halloween Party.

skeleton bone cake halloween food ideas


65. Creepy mouse cookies bring home the surreal element to a Halloween gathering.

creepy mouse cookies halloween food ideas


66. This tantalizing Skull Fruit Pizza is an exquisite addition to Halloween food recipes list for Halloween 2018.

skull fruit pizza halloween food ideas


67. Mummy Bread is a simple, creative and delightful recipe for Halloween.

mummy bread halloween food ideas


68. You just can’t miss the Frankenstein Cupcakes on Halloween.

Frankenstein Cupcakes halloween food ideas


69. Happy ghost pumpkin cookies bring an enjoyable and pleasantness to a Halloween, particularly for kids.

happy ghost pumpkin cookies halloween food ideas


70. Eyeball blueberry cheesecake is a creepy recipe for Halloween.

eyeball blueberry cheese cake Halloween


Did you enjoy our Halloween food ideas? Also, don’t forget to check our DIY Halloween Decorations & Ideas With Tutorials.
Hope you have a great Halloween 2018!!

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