18 Best Hanging Plants & Ideas for Your Dream Living Room

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Gardeners and plant lover across the world love the idea of having plants not just in the garden but also inside their house. Are you among them, who would like to accommodate as many plants as possible in their room, balconies, stairs and every place in their house?

How about the possibility of adding plants without using up the floor or window space of your rooms?  Yes, you are right we are talking about hanging plants in your house; more specifically in your living room.

After all your guests are going to spend the most time in your living room when they visit you. Why leave any possibility to impress them. To help you find and place the best hanging plants, BeOnTrack brings you the ultimate list of Best Hanging Plants & Ideas for Your Dream Living Room.

Here is our list of 18 Best Hanging Plants for the living room:

#1 Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant Hanging Plants

Are you in search of a plant won’t go unnoticed in your living room? Arrowhead Plant is a spectacular plant with big heart-shaped, textured leaves. Hang them in your living room let your guest admire this beauty. You need to avoid sunlight and mist it regularly for its good health.


#2 Baby’s Tears

Baby's Tears Hanging Plants

Baby’s Tears are an interesting plant with delicate little leaves and a tendency to grow low. They are a great choice as hanging plants for they spill over their pot and create spectacular visuals. They have a charming presence and they grow well in humid conditions.


#3 Black Pepper Vine

Black Pepper Vine Hanging Plants

Black Pepper Vine is the very same plant that spice your food can actually serve as great hanging plants for living rooms as well. The plant requires sufficient to light the berries that create the beaded texture of the plant. As a hanging plant, these beaded berries look stunning when they are put in your living room.


#4 Boston fern

Boston fern Hanging Plants

Boston fern is among the most ideal choice as hanging plants for living rooms thanks to their gorgeous leaves. They create a lush green botanical display in your living room enhances its aura and ambience. You need to keep them in moist soil and humid conditions. Make sure the sunlight is not directly hit the plant but allow it plenty of light as well.


#5 Bridal Veil Plant

Bridal Veil Plant Hanging Plants

Bridal Veil Plant is one of the cutest and most elegant hanging plants for living rooms. It has beautiful purple and dark green foliage that looks like a bride’s veil sprinkled with little white flowers. You can easily hang them in your living room where it would come down cascading through the brim of its pot. All you need to remember is that you should keep it away from direct sunlight and water when the soil is dry to touch.


#6 Chenille Plant

Chenille Plant Hanging Plants

Chenille Plant is bright and vibrant plants that could be easily put indoor. If you have an east or south-facing window then hang them there. This will help them gain adequate energy that they require to bloom the entire year. The plant demands a lot of water and nutrients so make sure you take care of the plant well.


#7 Devil’s ivy

Devil’s ivy Hanging Plants

Devil’s ivy is a vibrant green creeper who thrives in little water and light. A perfect indoor plant can easily survive in varying temperatures and sometimes in varying conditions. It grows into a lush green Cascade in no time.


#8 Dichondra silver

Dichondra silver Hanging Plants

Dichondra silver is a typical trailing plant that covers the entire ground if kept on ground level. However, if you keep it in a pot placed in high level then it will cascade from the pots beautifully. You have to keep it sunny spots even in your indoor places in your living room. It is also known as ‘Silver Falls’.


#9 English Ivy

English Ivy Hanging Plants

English Ivy is one of the creepiest plants you might have noticed engulfing old and historic buildings. They tend to invade the outside walls of a building once they get hold, however; they prove to be amazing indoor plants in pots. Hang them in bright sunlight to avoid outburst growth. You need to keep them in well-drained soil.


#10 Fishbone cactus

Fishbone cactus Hanging Plants

Fishbone cactus brings in a stunning look to your living rooms with its awesome charm of itself. They are very easy to care with minimum effort from the planter’s point of view.


#11 Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant

Goldfish Plant has named after its cheerful and vibrant orange bloom that pretty much looks like goldfish. It flowers in the winter and thus it has itself a name- “Christmas holly”. This plant does well in low light areas particularly facing north-facing windows.


#12 Kokedama

Kokedama Hanging Plants

Kokedama is a Japanese art of Bonsai. To make these bonsai, you have to take out a plant out of its pot and form a ball of soil out of it. You have to tie the ball of soil with moss and string. Many plants work good with this technique, so you can pick a nice plant and make your own bonsai in kokedama style.


#13 Lipstick Vine

Lipstick Vine Hanging Plants

Lipstick Vine bloom in winters and adds grace and warmth in the winter household for several weeks. They are terrifically good household plants as they sustain in low lights and irregular watering conditions. These plants are available in various shades of colours like orange, red, and pink. The only to remember when you have a Lipstick Vine as your hanging plants for your living room that you should not prune the plant until flowering is complete.


#14 Mistletoe cactus

Mistletoe cactus Hanging Plants

Mistletoe cactus has a unique presence with its long seaweed-like vines. They are perfect as hanging plants as they do not need much care. They fairly survive in low to medium light as well as in artificial lights.


#15 Queen’s Tears

Queen's Tears Hanging Plants

Queen’s Tears have long leaves with pink blooms that look amazing in your living room area. These plants bloom with vigour when they receive natural light. They can easily tolerate low temperature like 40 F, unlike other indoor plants. Queen’s Tears generously grow and produce many offshoots that could be removed so that you can expand your collection.


#16 Spider Plant

Spider Plant Hanging Plants

Spider Plant is the most natural candidate for being hanging plants in the living room. These plants have slender leaves that tend to droop around the rim of the pot and create a magnificent cascading effect. If you are a beginner, then you can’t wish for anything easier to care for. You will have to water them once or twice a week and hang them in an area with moderate sunlight.


#17 String of Pearls

String of pearls Hanging Plants

The String of Pearls looks stunning with its strange pea-sized green foliage, which has an amazing resemblance to a beaded necklace. They look magnificent in homes with trendy and bold design elements and home décor. These plants thrive in dry kind of soil with bright light. When they grow in a happy and healthy environment, they tend to have cute little white flowers that add their appearance.


#18 Burro’s Tail

Burro's Tail Hanging Plants

The fleshy leaves of Burro’s Tail hanging over the rim of the pot in long braids make it marvellous hanging plant. It basks in bright sunlight thus ensure you keep them in an area that floods sunshine. It feels lively in hot dry air that beautifully tends to get accumulate near the ceiling area.

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