43+ Thrilling Outdoor Halloween Decoration

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Welcome the season of witches, ghosts, and everything spooky with full spirit. Halloween calls for some creative and impressive ideas for decorations. This year you can try out some of our amazing outdoor Halloween decorations ideas to create a spectacular Halloween party.

Halloween has always been very special for everyone because of its being one of the festivities that allows the entire family to come together and enjoy. Add a pinch or innovation and creativity to Halloween 2018 with our spookiest and cutest ideas for your outdoor Halloween decoration. Check out our fascinating collection of ideas for Halloween costumes for your kids and a perfect movie marathon for the entire family.


Here’s our list of 43 thrilling outdoor Halloween decoration:

1. Balloons are a great way to add a new dimension to your outside Halloween decoration. Tie the thread of balloon with a stone and place them on your garden randomly.

balloons garden outdoor halloween decoration


2. You can try out these Halloween special Bat shaped balloons as well. Place them in the garden or hang them on the front door.

balloon batty shape outdoor halloween decoration


3. Balloons are available in a variety of prints ranging from the skeleton, ghost-faced to witches with brooms.

balloon spooky outdoor halloween decoration


4. Add some bats on the front door and notice the magic.

bat main door halloween decoration outdoor


5. Garden Pathway Outdoor Decoration

Garden Pathway


6. A wreath with eerie eyes is a perfect choice for your front door Halloween decoration.

black wreath with dreadful eyes door decoration halloween outside


7. Add some silhouettes of witches, trees, crows, bats or ghost to spice up the atmosphere.

boo your neighbors with window silhouette outdoor halloween decorating


8. Create a broom parking lot for the convenience of the witches invites at your party.

broom parking outdoor halloween decoration


9. This black and white skull combo is a great addition to your balcony, porch or garden tree.

creepy outdoor halloween decoration ideas featuring black and white head with hanging


10. A spirit- lady with marvellous lights augments the haunted quotient of your Halloween decoration.

elegant lady spirit light halloween outdoor decorations


11. Cute ghost light can be placed on the trees or the porch to enhance some spookiness.

ghost light outdoor halloween decorations


12. You can hang some witch hats on your balcony. Witch hats with lights are easily available. (Image by happydiying.com)

hanging witch hat with lights outdoor halloween decorations


13. Green monsters with Santa dress can create some eerie atmosphere in your open spaces.

inflatable decorations lighting halloween outdoor decoration


14. Cover street lamps with a plain white sheet and add eyes and mouth to create a face and hello to your street lamp ghost.

lamp white sheet lamp post outdoor halloween decoration


15. Transparent witch hats with web prints and light are a good option to hang on garden trees or your entrance gate.

Lighted Witch Hat hanging outdoor Decoration for halloween


16. Bring home some pumpkin lights and jazz up your outdoor Halloween decoration.

lights pumpkin scarecrow outdoor halloween decoration


17. Place a table in your garden and stuff it with pumpkins, skulls, ghost-faced vase, wine bottle and various other Halloween decoration elements.

Nightmare Banner with table outdoor halloween decoration


18. A scarecrow and some pumpkins are enough to set the Halloween mood for your outdoor decoration.

pumpkin scarecrow crow outdoor halloween decorations-


19. A skeleton on a crib in your garden can create a natural spooky environment to your outdoor Halloween decoration.

scary outside front yard decoration for halloween outdoor


20. A signboard at the entrance of your house easily impresses your guest at a glance.

signboard halloween special signboard outdoor decoration


21. A fancy tombstone signboard with ‘trick or treat’ inscription makes a great addition to your garden.

signboard trick or treat sinboard outdoor halloween decoration


22. A white signboard with ‘The Ogre and the Owl Inn’ with a crow is another popular element apt for Halloween.

signboard white halloween outdoor decoration


23. You can place a cute poster on your front door. (Image by etsy.com)

signboard witch monster poster halloween outdoor decoration


24. Skeletons always spice up the atmosphere. What do you think about a ‘Skeleton bonefire’ in your garden for Halloween 2018?

skeleton bonefire halloween outdoor decoration


25. Enjoy a spectacular show by these skeleton cheerleaders in your garden.

skeleton cheerleader formation outdoor halloween decoration


26. Skeletons crawling out of your window are creative ideas for outdoor Halloween decoration.

skeleton Creepy skeletons crawling out of windows Outdoor Halloween Decorating


27. How apt can get it? ‘Army of Dead’. Enjoy a Game of Bones for this Halloween 2018. After all, winter is coming.

skeleton game of bones outdoor halloween decoration


28. Imagine these skeletons enjoy a bright sunny day in your lawn on this Halloween.

skeleton on garden chair Outdoor Halloween Decorations


29. Wanna have some ‘skeledrink’?skeleton party with drinks outdoor halloween decoration


30. Have some fun with the skeletons by making them wear Santa hats.

skeleton santa hats skeletons in garden outdoor halloween decoration


31. Decorate your lamppost with skeletons or hang them on a tree.

skeleton Street lamp halloween yard decorations outdoor


32. Not just skeletons, spiders and webs are great options to welcome your guest.

skeleton Web Spider door Decoration For Halloween outdoor


33. Place a chair and with help of some wires, make the white sheet look like an invisible spirit.

spooky ghost on chair in garden outdoor halloween decoration


34. You can add some ghost faced tins or cans on the railing of fences.

tin lantern halloween outdoor decoration


35. Tombstone, skeletons and crows are a perfect Halloween set up for your garden.

tombstone crow skeleton outdoor decoration halloween


36. A tombstone with a spirit lady lying on it near your entrance gate is an amazing outdoor Halloween decoration idea.

tombstone with lady garden outdoor halloween decoration


37. Plain white sheet with funny ghost faces hanging on your garden tree can look impressive.

tree boo garden outdoor halloween decoration


38. Wrap some cloth strips around your tree and add eyes to it. Your Mummy Tree is ready.

tree mummy ghost outdoor halloween decorations


39. A doll on a swing hanging from the tree is a spectacular show on Halloween.

tree spooky hanging doll on tree outdoor halloween decorating


40. Open the boot of your car, place some lighted ghosts in it and summon the spirits of Halloween on full swing.

trunk or treat car decoration halloween outdoor


41. Cauldrons, broom, skull, crows and spiders naturally enhance the Halloween ambience on your doorsteps.

witch cauldron with broom on front door outdoor halloween decoration


42. This is a traditional Halloween theme- witch, cauldrons, and brooms.

witch cauldron with broom on front door outdoor halloween decoration


43. Place a cutout of a witch, cauldrons, cats, pumpkins and trees and place lights behind it. It creates a spooky atmosphere in an elegant way.

witch silhouette lights outdoor halloween decoration


44. Zombies and skeletons make a great Halloween set up for your outdoor Halloween decoration.

Zombie land garden outdoor Halloween decoration


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