15+ Simple & Unique Wedding Centerpieces

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The best weddings are not that just are lavishly planned rather what makes a wedding perfect are the small things that reflect the personality of the couples. Think about a wedding that looks and feels like you. Starting from your wedding dress to the guestbook everything you arrange at your wedding should connect to you make it unique. Wedding centerpiece is one such thing that can easily help you make a statement to your guest to remember. BeOnTrack has brought to you some simple, creative, and unique wedding centerpieces ideas to make your wedding a thing to remember.

While you plan your wedding, make sure you consider your likings, hobbies and other stuff that matter to you. Now try to incorporate these ideas into your wedding theme and decoration. Wedding centerpieces can scream out to the world in a subtle and sober way your personality. We have wedding centerpieces for people of varied likings; from music enthusiast to beach lover, we have covered all.


Here’s our creative list of ideas for unique Wedding Centerpieces:

#1 If your wedding theme or location is a beach then this beach style centerpiece is just what you need

Beach Shells Wedding Centerpieces


#2 Crystal beads and candle in glass vase makes one of the fantastic wedding centerpieces ideas

Beads Flowers Water Wedding Centerpieces


#3 Or you could put candles in a birdcage

Birdcage Wedding Centerpieces


#4 Intricate wooden centerpiece with candles and flowers

Candle Wedding Centerpieces


#5 A fishbowl with a colorful fish floating on is among the unique wedding centerpieces ideas

Fish Bowl Wedding Centerpieces


#6 Your favorite flower floating on water in a simple glass makes one of the most impressive wedding centerpieces ideas

Flower Floating on Water Wedding Centerpieces


#7 LED light in a Wine Glass looks stunning and impressive

LED Light Wedding Centerpieces


#8 For a music-loving couple, you can put a record-disc under a simple wedding centerpieces

Musical Disc 1 Wedding Centerpieces


#9 Or you can put the record- disc this way to make it a little interesting

Musical Disc 2 Wedding Centerpieces


#10 While talking about music, musical notes can make a great wedding centerpieces

Musical Notes Flower Wedding Centerpieces


#11 Flowers and candles floating in an elegant bowl look stunning and romantic

Round Glass Bowl with Candles Wedding Centerpieces


#12 If a rustic wedding is your theme then try these Victorian lanterns with a flower as your wedding centerpieces

Rustic Lantern with Flowers Wedding Centerpieces


#13 Or add these glass lanterns with real flames to brighten your wedding day and your married life

Vintage Oil Lamps Wedding Centerpieces


#14 If you have put big round tables then you can add this stunning golden tree with lights and crystal to dazzle your guests

Small Tree With golden branches Wedding Centerpieces


#15 Or you can have a silver tree with a purple flower as your wedding centerpieces

Spray Painted Dangling Branches Wedding Centerpieces


#16 Do you have a soft corner for bonsai? Then what are you waiting for, arrange an assortment of curious bonsai as a wedding centerpiece

Succulent Centerpieces in Recycled Planters Wedding Centerpieces

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