25 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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A guest book is kind of an official list of guest who has attended your wedding. They sign their names or write some heartfelt (funny, weird, quirky, witty) messages for you. Frankly, how many people have you ever seen having a second on their guestbook years after their wedding? The charm of a guest book withers after flipping through it once or twice just after the wedding. To change this notion and practice, BeOnTrack brings you a list of unique wedding guest book ideas that you are going to cherish years after your wedding.

Instead of having a boring and traditional guest book, we suggest you keep a guest book that looks impressive and fun to you and your guests as well. Some of the wedding guest book ideas are no less than an artwork that you can easily flaunt by placing them in your living room or bedroom.

Check out our list of 25 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas:

#1 Ask your guests to write their messages on cute hearts into a drop box. You can place this box in your living area like a showpiece.

Drop Top Wooden Frame Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#2 Similarly, they can drop their signed message in a box.

Heart Holder for Guest Book Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#3 A signing tree for a guest book where guests can sign their names on a leaf is one of the unique wedding guest book ideas.

Poster Bridal Signing Tree 2 Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#4 Take custom- print of the map, Skyline or any landmark of your wedding location on a canvas and ask your guests to sign on the empty space. You can hang this canvas in your house.

Canvas Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#5 Let your guest write words of wisdom for the newlywed couple and drop them in a beautiful Birdcage.

Birdcage Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#6 Have you ever thought a dictionary can be used as a guestbook? No, think twice. Here, you can ask your guest to describe you in one word from the dictionary and write a small note besides that. Simple.

Dictionary Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#7 Treat your guests like superstars and ask them to sign in an Autograph Book turned guest book.

Autograph Notebok Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#8 Let your guests have some fun signing and writing messages on an Atlas for you. Let them suggests their favourite places in the world for your next vacations.

Atlas Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#9 Imagine lots of petals (artificial) in a glass box or frame with cute little messages on it as a guestbook for you.

Flower Petals Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#10 Listen to this one- let your guest write one thing to do on your wedding anniversaries based on the table number they have been assigned.  You can open that message on the said year and not before that.

Booklet with table number Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#11 A Globe is a great idea to invoke the wanderlust in your guests. Even better place a bank globe to have their messages on it.

Globe Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#12 Ask your guest to write their messages on the Wine cork and drop it in the box.

Wine Cork


#13 How about a scrapbook guestbook? Where your guest will sign and write beside their Polaroid images taken in that very instance. Placing a Polaroid camera booth is one of the unique wedding guest book ideas.

Polaroid Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#14 Ice cream stick can be your guest book too. Ask your guest to write their message on that and place it in the glass jar.

Ice cream sticks Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#15 Or you can use Tags and do the same thing.

Tips Jar Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#16 You can use Postcards to let your guest write messages for you.

Postcards Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#17 We all have played a game of Puzzles where we had to place the pieces of the puzzle to complete some image. Ask your guest to sign on the pieces of a puzzle to make one of the unique wedding guest books ideas ever. You can alter frame that puzzle as well and flaunt it on your walls.

Puzzles Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#18 You can use a box of Jenga to create your guestbook as well.

Jenga Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#19 If you are a musical couple then what’s better than a musical guest book for you? Let your guest sign their names on a Guitar or any other musical instrument of your choice.

guitar Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#20 While talking about a guest book that you intend to flaunt we bring the most creative and unique wedding guest ideas in the world. How about a guest book that’s hard to hide- a Garden bench.

Garden Bench Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#21 Place a painting of a tree and ask your guest to mark their thumbprint and sign it.

Thumbprint on trees Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#22 or like this.

Thumprint Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#23 Let your guest help you build the ultimate bucket list of your lifetime.

Bucketlist Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#24 The initials of your name can also be among great wedding guest book ideas.  All you have to do is choose a wooden initial of yours and ask your guest to write on it.

Initials Wedding Guest Book Ideas


#25 Or pick the initial of their name to write their message on it.

Initial guest book Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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